Ideas and Equipment for Industry

High Speed Laboratory and Production Dispersers & Mixers


CM-100 Lab Disperser

A precision-crafted disperser built for mixing, dispersing, and emulsifying up to 2-3 gallons.

CMA-150 Disperser

An economical, heavy duty, direct drive disperser that is designed for use in 5 gallon pails.

Inline Reaction Mixers

Allows you to combine up to four streams of liquid or gas into one turbulent reaction zone.

Custom Mixers & Dispersers

Built-to-spec multi-shaft mixers & dispersers perfect for laboratory or small batch production.

D.H. Melton Co., Inc.

Since 1987, D.H. Melton Co., Inc. has been designing and building small lab dispersers and mixers that drive innovation and enhance accuracy in laboratories and industrial facilities nationwide. We proudly offer standard, modified, or completely custom machines to suit your mixing and dispersing requirements.

We deliver ingenuity, accuracy, and dependability with every piece of equipment featured in our standard product line, but if you require customized machinery that disperses or mixes amounts under 5 gallons, we would be happy to accommodate your request with customized equipment. All products and accessories we create and distribute are made in the U.S.A.

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